About Sansthan


The pedestal of Balaji Jyotish Sansathan was kept in the year of 1995. 10 years earlier, i.e. in the year 1985, Pandit, Roshan Lal Sharma Ji laid down the foundation of Lord Shiva Temple in Shindhora Kala in Delhi. The sole purpose behind establishing Balaji Jyotish Sansathan is to create general awareness among the people on the Astrophysics, and help the young generation of new age to learn the power of Astrology to improve  their lives.

Today, many of the students from Balaji Jyotish Sansathan have attained acclaimed positions in field of Astrology and Astrophysics across the world. The Sansathan is a twinkling star in the field of astrology in the last 37 years. In recent years, Balaji Jyotish Sansathan is growing overwhelmingly strong and diversifying under the aegis of “Bajrang Baba Ji” and the revered saint – Pandit Roshan Lal Sharma Ji. Within the cool and spacious climes of Sansthan, education and learning is catered on aspects of Astrophysics, Astrology, Vastu, to analyze the outcome of destiny in human life.

Besides imparting education on astrology, there are special summons organized from time to time for the development and well-being of society. In these summons, the eldest grandchild as well as disciple of Pandit Roshan Lal Sharma Ji, Devashish Guru Ji also participate and make it the notice to help people by eliminating their miseries and evils. The younger grandson of Pandit Roshan Lal Sharma Ji, famed as Shubashish is carrying the cudgel of Sansthan forward in the area of astrology and astrophysics.

A TV program titled “Sankat Katey Mittey Sab Pera” and presided over by Guruji, is broadcast daily. It is the result of the programme; many new devotees are getting associated with organization. Balaji Jyotish Sansthan organizes holy fire summons, enchantments, arousals, yagyas etc. depending on the requirements of devotees. The Sansthan also plays the role in developing home based remedies for negative eliminations either through “Aashth Siddhi Balaji Kawach,” “Balaji Amulet,” “Sankat Mochan Booklet,” and popular Balaji Babhut (Divine Ash).

Balaji Jyotish Sansthan is a continuing and progressing under the aegis of Guruji Devashish. Owing to the expertise of Guruji and adeptness of Skills of his disciples, the organization is offering various services to people, in the area of Metaphysics and Astrophysics.