Bajrang BabaJi


Devasish Guruji, popular among its devotees as Bajrang Baba Ji, took the life form on earth on 29th of January, 1977, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Since his childhood, Bajrang Baba Ji was greatly influenced by his paternal grandfather Late Pandit Roshan Lal Sharma Ji, who used to meditate and worship Lord Balaji. Soon Baba Ji started following paternal grandfather and began worshiping Lord Balaji with seriousness. Lord Balaji blessed him with innate powers to help troubled people in society. Bajrang Baba Ji is visited by local people to seek his magical blessings, which would free them from the mundane troubles of life. He is revered and coronated to the level of “Saint.”

Within small timeframe, Babaji has become popular among denizens, who began to flock his seat in thousands.  Bajrang Baba Ji evoked “Rog Nivaran Yagya” or “Ill-Health Elimination Yagya” and “Griya Shanti Havan” or “Earth Peace Summoning,” which helped thousands remotely.

Bajrang Baba Ji performed several yagyas and havans before summoning “Aashth Siddhi Yagya.” The magical amulet and babhut (mystical ash) has been created, ordained with magical powers of Lord Balaji. The amulet and babhut is continuing to cast its spell and benevolence on the people, protecting them from evils and negative energies at all times.

Bajrang Baba Ji’s paternal grandfather and several past filial generations were firm devout of Mehndipur Balaji, in Rajasthan. Years of spiritual practice and dedication through fire summons by his forefathers, has endowed Baba ji a mystical charm and halo. It could be clearly visible in spiritual performances and holy enchants.

Bajrang Baba Ji has unparalleled and captivating divine powers, which he is using to help people and the society in general, to lead a balanced and purposeful life. He has already performed several discourses educating people. All the efforts of Baba Ji aima at One Universal Truth – – All Evils are eliminated and All Pains are alleviated.