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Sankat Mochan Booklet (Horoscope):  Your birth chart can bring huge and positive changes in your life. If you have precise information about your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth, it is essential that you approach an experienced astrologer, and get it analyzed. When you follow your life’s work pattern according to the guidelines provided in your Birth Chart, you are going to earn success and good returns. Everything carried out through the Vedic Hymns bring results. With good and positive karmic efforts, you can easily make changes in your life and you begin to grow.       There are 12 Bhavas in your Birth Chart, and each chart provides its own specific results, such as:
 What type of troubles will affect you? When does your body and internal systems will turn against you? In spite of all the qualities, you are not able to perform on your optimum levels.

 Information related to your earning and riches. Why you do not have savings?

 Is your Birth Chart malefic, which is turning the relationship between you and our siblings against you? Isn’t the malefic occurrence in your Birth Chart causing strains in your business partnership?

Bhava#4 Why is that you have callousness and loss of happiness in life after all your movable and immovable assets are gone?

Bhava#5 Which topic you choose in your present life that is going to take you up the ladder? Likewise, make sure, you are not disturbed by the activities of your children in this life. Know it out rightly, whether your children will help you on all matters of your life, in future or not?

 How and when you are struck by bad times? Don’t let your friends turn into foe, or your body systems fall down. Know the manners in which you may meet fatal accident or become ill with fatal disease. Isn’t it that you had done good, your entire life, for people around you, and they have become the element of distrust now.

Bhava#7 When you will get married? Will you enjoy a good life after marriage? How will be the relationship with your life partner? Will your life parent help you after marriage? How to come out of the chances of divorce after love marriage?

 Is there a foreign journey in your Birth Chart? Can you become victim of sudden accident in your recent or distant life?

Bhava#9 Will the luck favors you or not? Why you are not blessed with too much success?  Aren’t you wasting away your precious time playiong around and doing useless things in life?

Bhava#10 Which business you should do? Will there be support from father? Will you acquest paternal property or not?

Bhava#11 Will the lady luck favors you, it yes, then to what extent? Will the elder brothers, sisters and relatives support us in different phases of our life?

Bhava#12 Bhavas help us to know the troubles we can face in our mortal lives. What type of work we should do to prevent the injuries? How to select your business partner who provides you the support and does not harm you in any way? Or, the person whom you think is your friend in good terms, eventually turns out to be only after your money. In any of the planets bring malefic activity in any of the Bhavas, necessary remedies should be undertaken immediately.


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